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Sitting on top of a hill overlooking the East Sussex Countryside sits the battered remains of Hellingly hospital, Formerly Hellingly Asylum. Hellingly is a prime example of the “splendid isolation” design philosophy that is present in the design of many institutional buildings of this era.

 Hellingly was designed by architect GT Hine and built to a late Victorian design during a period of massive expansion for mental health facilities in Britain. Hellingly First opened its doors to patients in 1903 and continued to serve the local community for almost the next 90 years. As with so many other asylums a change in policy on the treatment of many patients meant closure of the majority of buildings in 1994.

Inside Hellingly is an orderly maze, A thoughtful layout interrupted by collapsing floors and piles of rubble. The wards at Hellingly are Impersonal. Long corridors lead to sash windowed wards, bland walls of brown tiles line the stairs and halls. The Hall is definitely Hellingly’s centerpiece, Its detail and decoration are more lavish than those in other parts of the hospital. The hall was used much as you would expect for dances, plays and indoor sports. There was also a projection room where films could be shown. Despite numerous attempts at arson the hall still retains a sense of grandeur, even in decay. As the center point of the hospital its hardly surprising it attracts the most attention from visitors to the site.

The Hospital today has suffered over 10 years of neglect badly, arson has destroyed several buildings most notably the administration block. Vandals have been systematically removing all the windows, the easier to access ground floor areas have received the brunt of these attacks.

(Image and text by: http://www.abandoned-britain.com/photos.html)

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